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Integrated Communication & Media Relations Services for Companies
and Events of National and International Character

Every client, just like every event, has different characteristics and requirements. For this reason, any communication strategy must be exclusive and perfectly targeted, developed with care and meticulous attention to detail.

Like a new suit, it must be tailored to fit and the communication expert is the tailor, embellishing the information with precise, captivating and memorable information.

The specialist’s tools of the trade are expertise, knowledge of media and pertinent contacts. Furthermore, just like the best couturier, they know that creativity makes all the difference.

Creativity is not limited to the style of communication, but also means presenting ideas in constantly fresh ways, in line with the latest information technology, as well as creating a network of useful contacts for the client, problem solving, finding innovative solutions and designing the image for a product, company or event.

Creativity means leaving a mark.   The rest is technicality.

Maria Grazia Balbiano specialises in integrated communication and media relations. For 25 years she has worked for both national and international companies and events, responsible for information, positioning, company image and press. As a content manager she has followed over 1500 projects and managed several creative teams in creating company profiles and other business/corporate editorial projects.

After receiving her degree in Turin she attended the Carlo Chiavazza School of Journalism, writing in statutory economy, work and business dynamics. Subsequently, she collaborated with renowned companies in the fields of corporate identity and communication, also focusing on international issues. Her expertise as a press officer was garnered working alongside prestigious Italian managers and entrepreneurs.

In 2006 she founded her integrated communication agency, Ideas and Media Relations of Maria Grazia Balbiano, based in Turin.  The agency promptly become a point of reference in Piedmont and Italy for small-to-medium-sized businesses who wish to publicise a product or service in a professional and strategic manner, and for associations and societies who need to organise events of national or international importance.

Since 2007 she has been an ardent patron of the Beresheet LaShalom Foundation (Galilee, Israel) and has contributed to the establishment of the Turin Association “Friends of Beresheet”, for whom she has acted as Director since May 2011.

Over the course of a decade, Ideas and Media Relations has worked on information and media relations across a wide array of fields, including the automotive sector, land promotion, food and wine, agriculture, training and international cooperation, always welcoming every new challenge with enthusiasm and perseverance, selecting the best communication strategy and getting the right message across to the intended target audience.

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